One Day Video Retreat

Therapists: Have you been waiting to get your profile video filmed?

Wait no longer.


You wanted a profile video

You know that if you could just get yourself in front of your ideal client you could build trust. You’re done with trying to blog and post your way through marketing. You need a medium that can maximize your interpersonal warmth, build trust, and call clients to action. You need a video. But not just any video. You need a video that represents the professionalism of your practice.

but it didn’t work out for you

Maybe you tried to do it yourself and realized it was way too much work for an end product that didn’t match up to the professionalism of your practice. Maybe you reached out to videographers in your area only to find out that they were way out of your price range. Besides, these videographers have never worked with therapists. They don’t get your language and tone, and they don’t understand your audience.

until you signed up for a Video Retreat with us.

You found out that we specialize in therapist marketing videos and that we were getting a bunch of therapists together for one big filming day. It was cheaper than any other video product out there and with the afterparty it doubled as a networking event. We were going to help coach you through your script in advance so you could show up ready to rock on filming day. You signed up right away. It fit your budget, it was painless, and it turns out you had a lot of fun!

And now you have beautiful videos for your practice.

Within two weeks, you uploaded your fresh and beautiful video to your website and social media and started to see how much warmer clients are when they call you. Since Video Retreats come with Practice Shorts, you realized you now had all the content you needed to fill up your website and social media with rich videos that captured your ideal client and called them to action.

Trainings in Advance

Get access to our exclusive video e-course so you’re prepared for your filming.

Relax, You Got This.

Enjoy a staging area with refreshments and some space to unwind.

After Party

Celebrate and chat with other clinicians and the directors. Your first drink is on us!

Two Week Turn Around

We’ll get your video back to you fast. No waiting, no wondering.

Unlimited Coaching

Schedule as many coaching calls as you want to get ready for your shoot.

A High-Quality Video You’ll Be Proud of

We ensure your video looks and sounds amazing.

Bonus: Practice Shorts

Download and customize any Practice Short you want. What is a Practice Short?


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