Where to Put a Video on Your Website

Where to Put a Video on Your Website

One of the best ways to get more clients from your website is to use video. Video makes your website sticky. Also, video increases your SEO because Google loves when people stick around your page to watch a video. And while your browsers are watching video they’re getting two things:


  1. Videos give browsers insight into how you can help them.
  2. Videos give browsers time to make the decision to call you.


You want video on your website.


Where do you put your videos?

You probably have spent hours crafting the front page of your website. It’s got a slider of nice stock images, introductory paragraph(s), and your specialties all laid out for your clients. You could put video on your specialty page or the about me page, but those are also composed carefully. And besides, will anyone see it? How in the world are you going to squeeze video into this?


The short answer: you need to put video front and center as the prominent feature of your website.


Video on your website should be like the dinner plate of a table setting. Everything else in your website should frame your video. Here’s how to make it work.


How to place video on your Home Page

For your home page video, choose a video that most clearly represents your practice. If you have one niche specialty, the video can be geared toward that specialty. But if you have a practice that represents multiple specialties, you won’t want a specialty video on your home page. Instead you’ll want to use a profile video that introduces us to your practice.


Your home page video should be above the fold. That means browsers shouldn’t have to scroll down to see the video. Video could take the place of your main slider or profile picture. When a browser visits your home page for the first time, they should see your logo at the top with a bright button “schedule your first appointment” and a menu. Then they should see a nice large video player. Right below that is another bright button “schedule your first appointment” and perhaps your tag line. That’s it. Let them scroll down for the rest! With video on your home page, your clients will get exactly what they came for – the opportunity to engage with you.


For example, look how Sync counseling used video on their site to capture the vision of their group practice. Their video is right below the fold, but it’s still in a prominent central place.


How to place video on your specialty pages

The more pages you can populate with video the better. If you have a number of specialties, such as anxiety, children, and couples, you’ll want individual videos on each of those pages that focus on those specialties respectively.


For example, look how Champaign Counseling used specialty videos to accent their different counselor specialties.


Where to start

  1. Take stock of the videos you have to use for your website.
  2. Choose the video that most clearly represents your practice.
  3. Embed that video above the fold on your home page to increase conversions
  4. Find specialty videos to put on your specialty pages.
  5. Keep track of your page views, video views, conversion clicks and phone calls so you know how video placement on your website is making a difference!

But I don’t have a video!

Never fear. You can get started with all the video you need for under $100. Here’s how.


  1. Download your free eBook, A Therapist’s Guide to Video MarketingIn it, we’ll teach you how to make your own videos using your smart phone, a script builder worksheet, and simple tips and tricks that will make it easy for you to create a professional looking profile video for the front page of your website.
  2. Browse Practice Shorts. Practice shorts are pre-made customizable videos that are perfect for embedding on a specialty page or the home page of a niche practice. Find one that works well for you!