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Taking the headache out of video marketing

You needed video.

If you’re a private practice owner trying to get on top of your marketing, you want to be able to make your website and social media glow with content, especially video content. Video is the best way to engage clients, increase SEO, and get client calls for your practice.

But videos were too hard to make.

Usually, people in your shoes try to produce videos themselves, only to find out that hiring someone to shoot even a 30 second video can cost thousands. The next option is to make their own videos. But sitting in front of a camera is intimidating for most people. Besides, you were trained as a professional practitioner, not a videographer.

So you downloaded a Practice Short.

Practice Shorts are pre-made customizable videos that make video marketing easy. Simply choose a Practice Short that fits your ideal client, download your Short, customize it, and upload it to social media and your website. We’ll even customize it for you to save you the time and effort. Practice Shorts allow you to get into video marketing with low cost and effort. And unlike purchasing stock footage and music to create your own videos, Practice Shorts are license-free, enabling you to share them wherever you want without having to pay higher fees.

And you got your first client call.

Practice Shorts are uniquely designed to get you client calls. Video has been proven to not only increase SEO for your website, but also increase your conversions. Studies show that visitors on your website are 200% more likely to call for a first appointment if they are able to watch a video. Your Practice Short is your go-to marketing tool that gets you client calls while you focus on what matters most.

How it works


Choose a Practice Short that fits your ideal client


Download the video stem, tutorial, and infographic


Customize yourself or let us do it for you


Now you’ve got great video content to share on social media and embed on your website!

Choose Your Practice Short

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