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Pre-made Videos for Your Practice

Attract More Clients

Video helps increase SEO on your website and multiplies your conversion rates so you get more customers coming to you.

Peace of Mind

While much of marketing is trial and error with variable results, we’ve already put these marketing videos through online testing on websites and social media so you don’t have to wonder whether they’ll be effective.

Don’t Water Down Your Marketing

If you serve many different kinds of clients, these affordable specialty-focused videos can be featured on your subpages or for targeted marketing so you can reach out to the unique pain points of your ideal clients without watering down your message.

Earn More With Less

Usually, getting a video for your practice takes lots of time, energy and money. With affordable pricing and videos pre-designed with your client in mind, you can earn more money, energy and time by spending less.

Camera Shy? No problem.

You want a video but you’re terrified of being on camera. No biggie. In these videos, we put the spotlight on your clients so you can focus on conquering your other fears.

Each Practice Short Includes…

One 30 second short video

with a script that is designed to reach out to clients with specific needs. Each video leaves space for your logo and a call to action to be added.


A video tutorial

showing you how to customize your Practice Short using basic video editing software (iMovie or Windows Movie Maker will do just fine). We are also available to customize your Practice Short for an additional $39.


A strategic infographic

on how to maximize your Practice Short through social media and your website so you get more calls from interested clients.


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Practice Shorts: Speak to Your Ideal Client

What short should we add next?

Let us know what Practice Short we should make next (or have more of) and we'll send you an email when it's ready!


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