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Cathy Barkataki, MS, MFTI

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Rebecca Mealer, MFTI

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Allie is a private practice therapist who knew it was time to begin to reach out to her community in a new way. We helped her craft her script, film a simple yet beautiful video, and post it online. Now her ideal clients are showing up saying they contacted her because they saw her video and knew she was the one for them.

Starting at $1900


Group Practice Videos

Sync Counseling Center is a group practice that wanted a central video to communicate the vision of their practice and profile videos for each clinician. Now their website is crushing it at SEO with videos on most of their pages. Curious browsers can now “meet” each clinician and find the right one for them.

Starting at $6900


Video E-Courses

Levi Pulver from Pulver Chiropractic wanted to develop a video e-course to help his ideal clients learn to manage pain. He knew if he could get them great content they could build a trusting relationship and earn their business. Now Levi has a scalable video e-course that serves as a lead-building funnel for new clients.

Starting at $1900


Casting a Vision

Some professionals want to create a narrative of a larger vision. Below, Joe and Ron cast a vision that their ideal clients can grab ahold of through the power of video.

“I ended up with these beautiful videos that helped people come to my conference. And as I look at these videos, as I look at teaching my audience, I was better able to engage people but also to help people in a way I wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t worked with Cúpla. So for me, working with Cúpla has raised my professionalism.” (watch video for more)
-Joe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC
“It feels great to take an idea, put it to film, and share it with the community.”
-Ron N Gad, PhD, LMFT

Ron wanted to cast a vision for his new group practice in Beverly Hills. He needed a video that would impress the artists, designers and creative professionals while speaking to them with empathy and authority. In the first 24 hours after posting his video on Facebook, Ron had 1,500 views (without spending a dime on ads)!

Starting at $3900


Lightweight Vlogs and Email Blasts

“OMG this is *AWESOME*!!!! Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to make another one ;-)”
-Mallory Grimste, LCSW

In order to stay connected to her email list, Mallory wanted to consistently create helpful video content. But that takes a lot of time. Instead of flying out a film crew every month, we set Mallory up with equipment to use her own phone. We helped her create a scalable lightweight process whereby she films her own footage, uploads to a cloud, and in a couple days we have a video back to her ready to send off to Facebook, her vlog, and her email list. Now she can consistently crank out video content for her clients without bogging down her week. Easy peasy!

Starting at $150


Free E-Book on Video Marketing

“I love it!  It is exactly what I was looking for, and not only that, it allowed me to think strategically about my practice and marketing plan that I have been groping around for months!  Every time I have had to write about my practice for my website, Facebook, emails, etc. I have struggled with what to focus on. Now I have it! With the approach listed, the ideas flowed out of me. I am very excited now about making a video. I also appreciate the “nuts and bolts’ of making a video and distributing it. Beautiful job.“
-Jon Winder, LCSW, ACSW



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Are you ready to connect with your ideal clients and grow your practice? Whether you’re ready to film or whether you’re simply curious to learn more, the first step is a phone call during which we will:

Listen to your goals for your practice

Uncover some of the obstacles that are standing in your way and the clear steps forward you can take

Give you solutions that will help you connect with ideal clients through video

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We are Connor and Brendan McClenahan, identical twin brothers. We formed Cúpla Media because we recognized how difficult it is for therapists to connect with clients online with only a picture and a list of specialties. Video is the tool we use to help them overcome the initial barrier of reaching out to give you a phone call.

This venture started when Connor, a psychologist at Sync Counseling Center, used his passion for videography to help his team grow their online presence. They began to wonder, what if instead of head shots everyone had a profile video? What if clients could get a sense of the warmth and care of each therapist? 

We soon decided to partner together to make the most creative and engaging videos we can… after all, we’ve always done our best work as a team. Since then, our goal is helping clinicians like you change lives by connecting you to your ideal clients.