Why your marketing isn’t working

Why your marketing isn’t working

Gaining new clients means building an online profile. Here’s what we’re often told online marketing means:


1) Subscribe to Psychology Today’s listing.

2) Post a headshot and list of specialties.

3) Wait for the phone to ring.



Sound familiar? This model is based on an old way of interacting online that isn’t as true as it used to be.



The way we use the internet today has changed.

Mark Zuckerburg notices a shift in the way we engage online:

online marketing“Most of the content 10 years ago was text, and then photos, and now it’s quickly becoming videos. I just think that we’re going to be in a world a few years from now where the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.” -Mark Zuckerburg




And this, from a recent conversation with Kelly Higdon:

“5 years ago no one was thinking about their online presence – now it’s a big deal for therapists.”






A new era for online marketing has arrived

Today, solid online marketing means we as clinicians cannot assume the “if you build it they will come” mentality. We cannot place ourselves – our specialties, our experience, our insurance options – at the focus of our marketing and expect others to come to us. Because the people we want to serve use the internet differently.


-They look for helpful content rather than a phone number to call.

-They want to feel safe with you before reaching out.

-They want to be understood, not to understand you.


Now, exploring solutions to this problem is possibly too much for this blog. Many people are doing great work helping clinicians develop a strong and client-centered online presence. But,



We believe, with Mark Zuckerburg, that video is central to the new era of online marketing.


Videos help you

-Communicate warmth and presence

-Allow you to be helpful to a potential client before you meet them

-Connect with empathy (a largely non-verbal act)



Want to see for yourself?



Empathy? check.
Engaging? check.
Call her up even if I don’t need therapy? check.


Let’s get your

online profile working for you.



  • Stop relying on crowded directories to do your marketing

  • Reframe your message so you can speak directly to your potential clients

  • Create an effective video for your practice so you can connect with your ideal clients