Book More Couples – Part 7 of 7

Book More Couples Part 7

Book More Couples – Part 7 of 7

Welcome to day 7 of our 7 days to Booking More Couples.

We’ve just been going through as many tips and strategies to help you book more couples for your private practice.

Today I want to help you see an example because sometimes it’s hard to know what this actually looks like and it’s hard to believe that this is actually possible.

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There are therapists out there just like you who don’t have a leg up. Who are booking lots of couples in their everyday lives, so I thought I’d show you an example.

Her name is Nancy Ryan. She’s in Sacramento, California. I got to know Nancy when we started working together and she was looking for clarification on her branding. Most of all, she was looking to try to get going with video marketing.

Now she’s doing all we talked about in our 7-part series.

She’s empathizing with her ideal client.

She has text that tells the story of her ideal client.

She really leans into the narrative of her clients and gives them a picture of what therapy looks like.

She tells them what to expect and you can see it on her page.

There are outlines of how to and what to expect for therapy.

She illustrates what the transformation looks like and then she calls her clients to action.

There’s that big button right in the middle of the page,  in the top right-hand corner, and down at the bottom where it says, “book an appointment now.”

That is so key and when I saw that on her website I was just like, “Yes Nancy! Way to go!”

She was calling her clients forward into action.

She doesn’t do this all on her own.

She’s getting the help.

I was helping her and she’s getting coaching from someone else and she’s not trying to do everything by herself.

She’s outsourcing the thing she needs help with and that’s helping her achieve more and be better at doing what she does.

Also, she’s hiring other clinicians to help her see clients and that helps lighten her caseload, so she can focus on doing what she does best.

So Nancy, way to go! Good job on your website. I noticed you have got practice shorts on your specialty pages.

You can follow in Nancy’s footsteps today and start booking more couples into your practice.

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