Book More Couples – Part 6 of 7

Book more couples part 6

Book More Couples – Part 6 of 7

Lots of therapists are risking burnout. Some grace and some encouragement for you today.


The first job of a therapist is to be a good therapist.

It’s not to create a marketing plan that gets lots of clients.

It’s not to be recognized or have great letters after your name.

The goal of a therapist is to be really good at helping people.

Don’t get distracted by so many other things in your life and in your business. You went to school to learn how to give care and to help people, but then you get into business and you realize you’ve got to keep the accounting books. You’ve got to talk to the building manager. You’ve got to know how to do payroll.

Marketing your website and all this other stuff will soon have you drowning and feeling burnt out.

My tip for booking more couples today is first is to be a good therapist. Focus on that and ask other people to do the things that stress you out. Hire other people to do things that you are not called or trained to be doing.

You can go to all kinds of freelancer websites to find people who can help you out with these things, but if I can be a resource to you that’s what I want to do.

In fact, that’s why we made practice shorts to take the burden off of you making every single piece of media.

We do it for you so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

I know you have a lot of other things that you’re worried about besides marketing, but at least this is one tool that you know is already made for you.

It’s ready to go up on your website and you don’t have to think about it.