Book More Couples – Part 4 of 7

Book More Couples 4

Book More Couples – Part 4 of 7

Welcome to day 4 of our 7 days to Booking More Couples.

For seven days I want to walk you through exactly how we’ve helped therapists reach out to more couples so they can fill their practices and reach the kinds of clients they really want to.

If you don’t have a specific strategy to reach your ideal clients, you’re not helping move your practice to serve the kinds of people you are put on earth to serve.

Likewise, there are clients out there who you’re leaving in the dust.

So for the next 7 days of booking more couples, let me show you the exact strategies we’ve coached hundreds of therapists through to reach their ideal couple clients.

But first, I want to tell you about an offer we’re giving at the end.

We have a new Couples Practice Short!

During 7 Days of Booking More Couples, get two for the price of one, ready to go up on your website.

It’s a $108 value for only $69.


Today we’re going to continue by talking about exactly how to call your clients to action.

First, let’s review – the best way to reach out to new couples in your marketing is first to empathize, then to give them steps to transformation. But if you stop there, clients know you have the authority and empathy to help them but there’s still one final obstacle you need to break down in order for them to actually give them a call.

Most therapists hate asking for the sale. They feel slimy about it. That’s usually because they think of the sale by itself and they feel super awkward about it because they’re basically just asking for a client. And they are, and it’s not the way to do it.

You need to stop thinking about getting the couple to come in and start thinking about how you can guide the couple toward their own best interests. Toward wholeness in their relationship. That’s why we start with empathy and steps to transformation. Then we call them to action. We invite them to do what is in their best interest to do: we invite them to take that first step.

And there’s a very specific way we do this.

1. From you should to If/then
2. From general to specific
3. From awkward thanks to so that

First, you want to briefly restate your empathy. “If you are ready to stop same old arguments…”.

This filters out the couples you don’t want to be helping and grabs the attention of your ideal couples.

Second, you want to give these couples one clear step: “…then give me a call…”.

This gives couples something to consider together. Rather than getting them caught in the weeds of how to move forward or confused and distracted about the whole process of healing, you’re helping them focus on the one thing they can do now.

Finally, you want to end your call to action recapturing the positive vision towards which you’re guiding them. This almost always starts with a “so” or “so that”.

For example: “…so you can have a healthy relationship again.”

This call to action should be everywhere. Bottom of blogs, end of videos, and even the main buttons on your website. You should have it memorized.

Couples need this – literally cannot book an appointment without being invited to one clear step. Otherwise, they just get confused.

A great way to call your couples to action is to use the Couple’s Practice Short on your site. It calls the client to action very clearly so that you get calls.

Couples Practice Short