Book More Couples – Part 3 of 7

Book More Couples 3 of 7

Book More Couples – Part 3 of 7

This is day 3 of 7 Days to Book More Couples in your Practice.

A full week of giving you as much value as I can so that you can capture the attention of couples and get them booking their first appointment.

You went into therapy to actually help people – not to be drained and have an empty calendar.

And as you’ve probably discovered, there are certain types of clients that you are positioned to help.

So I’ve been showing you ways of how you can book more appointments with the couples you love to help and let go of everyone else so that you’re more energized as a therapist and your schedule is full.


Today we’ll be talking about how to inspire your ideal couples with the right vision.

As therapists and counselors, we’re so often focused on identifying and solving the problem that we forget about the end-game.

Proof: have you ever been to a therapist website where you have pictures of sad people, angry people, and couples fighting?

The intentions are good. The designer was trying to reach out to people who are having problems. But psychologically this is the opposite approach of what you want.

You want to associate yourself with health and wholeness, with a positive vision of what the couple could be experiencing if they let you help them. It’s that hope for a brighter future that is going to pull them forward to get help.

Another problem is the generic inspirational quotes over slider images of a babbling brook. It’s vague and occupies valuable real estate that could be used to paint a clear picture of what you want to head towards with your client.

So take down those negative images.

Take down those inspirational slider quotes.

Instead, find images and videos of couples who love each other, who are smiling at each other, holding hands, or walking together. You’ll spark the hope in your ideal couples that things can get better.

As a starting point, head to for royalty-free images of couples.

Even better, download some Couples Practice Shorts. They paint a beautiful picture of a couple that has made it through the valley and is on the other side.

And until October 19, 2018, it’s two for the price of one. Download them, customize them, and have them up on your website converting browsers into couples clients in 10 minutes or less.

I’ll see you tomorrow to talk about how to move your clients forward by giving them one clear step.

It really comes down to a well-formulated invitation so you don’t have to be sales-y but can instead help your ideal couples take that life-changing step.