Book More Couples – Part 1 of 7

Book More Couples – Part 1 of 7

Welcome to day 1 of our 7 part “7 Days of Booking More Couples” training
For the next couple of weeks, I want to walk you through exactly how we’ve helped therapists reach out to more couples so they can fill their practices and reach the kinds of clients they really want to.
If you don’t have a specific strategy to reach your ideal clients, you’re not helping move your practice to serving the kinds of people you are put on earth to serve.
Likewise, there are clients out there who you’re leaving in the dust. So for the next seven days let me show you the exact strategies we’ve coached hundreds of therapists through to reach their ideal couple clients.
But first, I want to tell you about our new Couples Practice Shorts. Practice Shorts are pre-made customizable videos ready to put on your website and social media, and these Practice Shorts are specifically designed to help you get more bookings from couples.
It’s brand new and we’re offering 2 for the price of 1 during our  “7 Days of Booking More Couples” training. That’s a $108 value for only $69.

Today we’re going to kick off by talking about exactly how to capture the attention of your Couples.

Most therapists go straight for the jugular.

Come visit me!  Call me!  Book an appointment!
This speaks of neediness. You don’t want to be a pushy, needy therapist. And I know you hate having to be salesy. So don’t be salesy! It’s not good for you and honestly, it isn’t the best way to capture the attention of clients.
In fact, the best way to reach out to new couples in your marketing is a skill you have in spades as a therapist: empathy.


It’s the most powerful way to attract your ideal couple’s attention. You need to empathize with two specific realities for your couples.

  1. First, you have to start off empathizing with their desires.
  2. Second, you have to empathize with their pain/obstacles.
Show them that you get it and you’ll have their trust. Show them first and foremost that you care and they’ll want more from you. As I said, most therapists just jump to the sale and miss the ripe opportunity to use your interpersonal skills of empathy to capture the heart of your ideal couples. Tell their story.
But… and this is huge… DON’T BE SAPPY.
Show them you are used to handling those feelings. They may not be feeling okay as a couple, but YOU’RE okay.
Couples need this – literally cannot book an appointment without knowing you get it on an emotional level.
A great way to show empathy for your couple’s journey is to use the Couple’s Practice Short on your site.
Tells the couple’s story outlining their desire for a whole relationship and the realities of how hard it is to be a couple.
One more caveat. Empathy alone simply isn’t enough. If all they hear is that you get it, they’ll walk away thinking they’ve transformed but their problems will continue.
You need to know how to show them the path towards transformation if you want them to book an appointment.