How to Attract Ideal Clients

How to Attract Ideal Clients

It’s a good, good feeling to have a steady inflow of clients. You work hard every day to help your business grow, and it’s rewarding to see that effort pay off. Like taking a load off your shoulders.

However, your business might not be growing as fast as you’d like it to. So how do you continue to attract clients to your business so you can see your efforts paying off?

Whether they know it or not, your would-be clients have an internal checklist. They need to hear three things from you in order to feel like they can trust you. If they get these three things from you, they’ll be most likely to sign up for an appointment.

If they don’t get these three things, they’ll probably pass you up and not get the help they need. Don’t let that happen!

Here are three simple yet indispensable components you need to know in order to attract clients and grow your business.



You want to tell your audience everything about your practice, but you get easily tripped up because you know way more about your practice than most people care about. With too much information, people get confused and tune out what you’re saying. So what we’d like you to do is practice distilling the basic message of your business so that people understand what exactly you do without information they don’t need. Here are some ideas:


  • Explain it to a child
  • Shout it across a noisy bar
  • Tweet it
  • Ask a friend to repeat it back to you, then use their language the next time.
  • Tell it as a story (“this client had a problem, and this is what we did”)




Your potential clients need to know that you understand where they’re coming from, that you “get” what it feels like to be in their shoes. Most clinicians think so much about specialties and certifications that the empathy piece is turned off. When that happens the client feels like you don’t get it and your practice begins to feel apathetic and unattractive. In order to move from apathy to empathy, take some time asking yourself these following questions. You might even take a few minutes and journal your thoughts:


  • How is my client feeling before coming to me?
  • What does my client want in life? What’s holding them back?
  • What words would my client use to describe their condition?
  • How would it impact my client if my services weren’t available to their neighborhood?
  • What problem does my service solve for my client? What are all the ways this might affect their quality of life?


When you understand your client’s position, you can speak clearly to their needs and attract clients.




Your practice will be attractive if you are meeting the needs of clients by offering quality service. Clients want to know that you actually help people like them achieve the transformation they desire. Do you have what it takes to help? Do you have stories of transformation that you could share in an appropriate way? Many clinicians don’t. Here are two things you can do to improve the way you communicate your service.



  1. Listen to the needs of your clients

Perhaps you used to meet a particular need, but the needs of your ideal client has changed. This is why it’s important to regularly take time to reevaluate your client’s needs. Ask your clients about their experience of your practice and listen to what they have to say. Make a list of unmet needs and then adjust what you do to add value and meet those needs.



  1. Speak well about how you can help

You want to tell others about your business but you’re just not sure where to start. Despite effort to organize your message it still seems unclear. You’re having trouble expressing empathy for your clients. You’re hoping your message gets out but you’re not sure how anyone new comes your way. Whatever the reason, you simply aren’t getting your message out there and it is preventing you from attracting new people to your business. You can get past this by walking through a step-by-step process to clarify your message so that you can speak directly to the people you are here to serve.




We help clinicians like you clarify your message, speak with empathy, and connect with new clients. The first step is to help you write a compelling script for your message. We’d like to offer you access to our free eBook that helps you move from confusion to clarity, from apathy to empathy, and from miscommunication to a strong call to action.


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