3 simple hacks to self-made videos

3 simple hacks to self-made videos

Most clinicians want to create engaging self-made profile videos to help them connect to ideal clients online, but get stuck. Here’s a few thoughts we’re familiar with:

  • I don’t know what to say.
  • I don’t know how to make a video.
  • I’m afraid it’ll look bad.



We want to help


We’re in the business of helping clinicians transition from grainy profile pictures to professional quality videos that help you connect with ideal clients online.


Many clinicians try to do videos themselves – some turning out better than others. So we want to show you 3 simple hacks that will make your self-made videos look great. Do these tips in order, and we can assure you your video will look and sound much more professional, without ever buying equipment!




Start with lighting. Here’s the 2 things you need to remember with light:


  1. Use indirect sunlight. If in an office, turn off your fluorescent light and move toward a large window so it lights up your face. Feel free to keep small lamps on in the background, so long as they’re not lighting your face.
  2. 10:00/2:00 Rule. Say the chosen window is 12 o’clock, your nose when facing your camera should be pointed toward either 10:00 or 2:00. This lighting gives your face some shape.


profile video lighting 2profile video lighting 1





After you’ve found good indirect sunlight at the 10:00/2:00 position, you want to set up your camera so this lighting is captured when you look straight at the camera.


  1. Use your smartphone’s back camera. Stay away from laptop cameras, or the “selfie” camera that allows you to see the screen while you film. Likely the most high-quality camera you own is on the back of your cell phone. Turn the phone on its side so the image is longer than it is tall.
  2. Set camera at eye-level. This is essential. Cameras that are not at eye-level turn out like this:


profile video framing 1


This viewing angle is straining on viewers and doesn’t help you connect well with clients. Eye-level video communicates mutuality and engagement.




Sound quality is MORE important than video quality. There is one thing you can easily do to increase the quality of your audio: lavaliere. A “lav” microphone clips to your shirt. This helps your voice sound crisp and clear, and removes much of the ambient noise that makes self-made videos difficult to listen to. You can accomplish this one of 2 ways:


  1. Use the headphones that came with your iPhone. These have a built-in microphone that you can fasten to your shirt. Don’t worry about it showing. Place the microphone part of the headphones about 6 inches below your collar bone.
  2. Buy a lavaliere. You can buy a reasonably priced lav that plugs into your smart phone. Here’s some!

profile video audio


The professionalism of your video makes a difference. It can help people engage with your message by removing small obstacles that make online videos difficult to watch.


So here’s the next step: your message.


Articulating your practice in a 1-3 minute video is hard work. That’s why we’d like to take you step-by-step through your message so you feel confident and comfortable on screen.


That’s why we’re giving you free access to our Video Marketing Masterclass. Just click below, download the accompanying eBook, and we will take you step by step exactly how to make your own marketing videos that grow your practice.


It’s that simple.