3 obstacles to video marketing

3 obstacles to video marketing

It’s great to see therapists growing and filling their practices. In order for that to happen, we need to break down barriers for people that need help. To them, therapists feel inaccessible and intimidating.


This is why you want to be using video. Your clients will no longer have to scale that brick wall, take a risk, and make a call. Instead, they will get to see you, hear you, and know immediately that you’re exactly who they have been looking for. And the numbers back it up too. Studies show businesses that use video on their website receive 30% to 85% more online conversions. That means that if you are seeing 20 new clients a year, you could be seeing 26 to 37 new clients next year simply by making a video.


You can make video. And it will be worth it for your practice.


But before you begin, let me warn you. There are 3 big obstacles facing most therapists when they start using video. Even if you have top of the line equipment, professional camera operators, and a team of social media gurus ready to distribute it, these three obstacles will threaten to keep you from connecting with clients the way you want to.

Obstacle #1: Procrastination

We see this all the time. People tell us they’ve been trying to get going on video marketing but they have no plan to get there. A week goes by, a month goes by, and pretty soon they’ve missed their opportunity to turn things around for their practice.


It’s understandable. Making a video of yourself can be daunting. If that’s you, if you have every intention of making a video, here’s the first step: pick a date. It can be tomorrow or three months from now, but pick a date and write it on your calendar that on that day you will film a video. Whether the date is 6 months from now or 2 weeks, our experience is your preparedness will be the same. You won’t start moving until the date is set. The funny thing is, this date will “magically” be the same day your practice takes a turn for the better.


Okay, now you have a date on the calendar and maybe you’re cowering in fright. You’re not sure how to get ready for your video shoot. Which is why you’ll have pay attention to avoid the second obstacle.

Obstacle #2: Confusion

When you get in front of the camera, you want to have a really clear message to share. Some people do this naturally. They can get in front of a camera and clearly communicate a compelling message off the cuff. But that may not be you. Put on the spot, you might not know where to start. You may find yourself stumbling over your words or talking in circles.


If that’s you, I want to let you know that it is possible for people like you to speak with clarity in front of a camera. All it takes is a little preparation. Thinking through what you want to say and writing it down is so simple but it will do wonders not only to help your video connect with your audience, but also to help calm your nerves in front of the camera so you can relax and be yourself.


Even so, there’s still the question of what to write. “How do I organize all of my thoughts into a coherent message?” This obstacle keeps many people from moving forward. We feel confused about how to communicate a clear message, and we get stuck.

Obstacle #3: Self-centeredness

When most therapists write a script, they start with something like, “Hi, I’m John Smith, LMFT, PsyD, MDiv, CSAT, ETC. I am a therapist in Anytown, USA and I specialize in children, families, adults, seniors, and families. I’m everyone’s therapist. I’ve been a therapist for 25 years and you can come to my office on the following days…”


Your audience is lost. Think about who may be watching your video. It may be a dad whose kids are screaming in the background. It may be a young professional in between meetings and medications. It may be an old man at the library listening to your video on headphones wondering if there’s anyone left to talk to. Whoever it is, they’re not watching your video for fun. They are desperate to find out whether you understand them, whether you empathize, whether they can trust you with their deepest wound, their loudest need and their most intimate pain… or whether you will ignore their needs like everyone else.

The secret to video is empathy

In service to the people you’ve been put on this earth to help, you cannot waste one second of this precious opportunity doing anything other than connecting with their need and assuring them there is hope for healing. Here’s a secret: video is not really what breaks down the brick wall – empathy does. Video is simply a vehicle that allows your empathy to reach people who need it.


If you can plan, script and make a video that focuses on empathizing and helping your ideal client, you have just blasted a gaping hole through a brick wall standing between you and your ideal clients. And you might be surprised at how many people have been waiting for it. They now know that you care and that you can help them. Your clients will break their silence and call you. What’s more, they’ll be excited to meet you.

Take action today

There is a brick wall between you and your clients, but when you make a video and post it online, you are knocking a gaping hole in it. Your video will enable you to fill your practice with new ideal clients and make an impact in your community. If you want to get past these major obstacles, if you want to stop the procrastination, the confusion, and the self-centered marketing, download our free eBook today. In there you’ll find all the tools you need to start making marketing videos that fill your practice.